The Top 10 Characteristics Of Model Rich Women.


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13 May. 2017
The Top 10 Characteristics Of Model Rich Women.

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Have you ever thought the characteristics of rich women? Maybe you havn't thought about this question. TOday, I will tell you which 10 characteristic the rich women have.

The first characteristic of model rich women is economic independence. Economic independence means rich women do not need to depend on rich men or millionaire singles. They can earn money by their diligent and wisdom. I disagree that the rich women getting money from her millionaire date is a real rich woman.

The second characteristic is happiness is often accompanied. Rich can buy everything except health, happy, affection, friendship and love. Whether you are the rich women or not, contentment is a necessities of life. Even if you have much more money, it's useless that you are unhappy everyday.

The third characteristic is trusted by a friend or family. If you are a single woman and your friends andfamily does not trust you, then you will be lonely in your whole life. This will be a big mistake in your life. Because you are so rich that you shouldn't take too much care about you wealth. Just take it easy. You may find a rich man or millionaire single to be with you. That may be fair for you.

The fourth characteristic is having a beloved partner. You may seek a man who is willing to devote himself to you. Maybe he is not a rich man or handsome man. But the premise is you love each other. And ond day, you were not a rich woman, he never betray you.

The fifth characteristic is not creating dramas in your life. Rich woman should be generous and decent in life. They will not play farce. The rih man does not like childish behavior.

The sixth characteristic is being a good mum. If you married with a millionaire, you should play the role of good mother. The rich man is busy with his work. Take care of your baby shows you care more about him. And you should go out playing with your husband and your baby.

The seventh characteristic is having a great sex life. This characteristic is very important between couples. Men needs to experience the happiness of sex. Women also needs to enjoy the process of intercourse.

The eighth characteristic is shopping for high end brands. Rich women is always showing their great wealth on luxury brands, such as LV bags, Chanel perfume and even luxury clothes. Rich women buy these luxury goods like buy ordinary commodities.

The ninth characteristic is picking up the bill after lunch with family and friends. Rich women have the ability to spend their money on expensive lunch. They may eat delicacies in their daily life. Sometimes, vegetables jis a good choice as their meals.

The tenth characteristic is having travelled all ove the world. Tourism can grow experience, broaden horizons. On the trip, you will meet different people and landscape, some of them are rich men or millionaire singles. If you are a rich single women, you may meet your millionaire singles on the way home. Travel is not the most important thing to see the scenery, but with whom to see the scenery.

At last, as a rich woman, you need to respect others and make many friends from all works. Travel all over the world to meet different kind of rich men or millionaire singles to enrich your life.



I don't care about what my woman do and I am rich enough to support her to do her own career. But I am still a single man. Is there anyone who would like to be my girlfriend? You don't need to be rich, but you should care more about me!


How about the characteristics of model rich men?


It seems that many rich singles are online waiting their true love. Date a millionaire is a big test for ordinary people.


Where is my rich single? I am a sexy model and I want to date a millionaire. Any one would like to have a date with me?


I am an engineer. And I am still a single man. Any single woman here?


I am just a shop assistant. Is there any rich single do not mind my job occupation. Although my job is not as good as yours, I am a deligent woman. My name is Dylan and I am 29 years old. Anyone like me, please join in.


I am a car model. As a model, I am so busy with my work that I don't have time to seek rich single. So I am still a single. Now I am seeking a single with lower requirement. Any singles here?

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