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10 Sep. 2017
Rich Dating-Rich Men Like This Kind Of Women BestRich Dating?

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Some women may feel inferior to some parts of their body, but men will find it "beautiful."The Japanese model press article introduces the five characteristics that make women feel inferior but make rich men feel "beautiful".

1. Double teeth

A 26-year-old woman who works in mass media has been humbled by her double teeth. Like her, she says, many women feel inferior because of their sharp, double teeth. On the contrary, many men think that the double teeth are cute."A lot of people have had double teeth recently and even some female celebrities have grown up," says one man. I think it's a personal charm. So, women with double teeth don't have to do the orthodontics anymore, and some men will still see you as cute.

2. Strong upper arm

A 31-year-old woman working in the financial industry has felt inferior in her muscular upper arms. She said she envied women with slender arms. But from a male point of view, a slightly more robust arm is just fine. Others joked that "a strong touch feels very reassuring."She says that while it's not yet season to show her upper arm, if a man finds it cute, she'll find it.

3. Small chest

A 28-year-old woman working in a business community often feels inferior to her small breasts. She says it is common for women to think that bigger breasts are more popular with men. However, some millionaire singles think that small breasts are more attractive than big breasts. There are even people who say it's more difficult to have a big chest. Keep in mind that the value of the chest is not determined by size.

4. Inner double eyelid

A 28-year-old civil servant woman often feels inferior because of her inner double. Recently, she says, large double eyelids like foreigners are very popular. But actually both are very popular. Some people think that "compared to an unnatural big double eyelid, it is natural long and slender inner double to make people feel lovable". Sure enough, men prefer the natural look.

5. A round face

A 26-year-old woman who works in the construction industry feels self-conscious about her round face. According to women, with a round face can let a person feel "too childish", and "face look very fat, disgusting, but men felt" like a little girl so cute ".In particular, having a round face will make them feel "super cute" for men who love beauty.

What do you think about that? The parts of the body that women feel they feel inferior to are attractive to rich men.




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