Warning - Is Online Dating Injurious To Your Health?


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29 May. 2017
Warning - Is Online Dating Injurious To Your Health?

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Online dating is becoming more and more popular and accepted every single day and it is hopefully become the first industry. Different people have different purposes such as cereal daters, tepid daters, repeat daters, and short term daters. No matter what type you belong to, I have to warn you to be careful. There are several important factors you must realize which is the round of online dating universe and it can have a bear on your life. Online dating may bring disaster to your life. It can do harm to our health and make us indulge if we spend too much time online looking for somdone.

1. Online dating ruin your private life. Do you often share gloriou matters with your close friends or family? If you go on a regular date, you will have less time to spend with your family and close friends, which is unhealthy for the relationship between yours. These happy things which makes us happy will fade away. Because most of your time will fritter away intlessly. Maybe you will indulge in online dating, because you will continue to seek the perfect match to meet your requirements. Once you start, you won't stop until you find your "perfect match", after that you will spend so much time on dating, you'll ignore your family or friends seriously. If this happens, you will lose your friendship and family affection which can cause many health issues, such as melancholia. Once you break up, there is no one willing to listen the pain you pour out. Eventually you find out that the friendship and family affections you own is all disappeared. Loneliness arises spontaneously.

2. Online dating can lead to death. In this era, everyone wants to try something unusual, such as different rendezvous. However you don't know the potential danger has moved closer to you. We've all seen movies. What if you do a free fall and the parachute doesn't open? What would you do if you went camping and the tiger was mad at you? What would you do if you were sailing on sea and the boat was turning over you? What would you do if you go to the mountains just encountered the bad weather and the slippery road, you accidentally fall into the cliff? Trust or not, online dating may cause death.

3. Online dating may lead to bankruptcy. Dating is really expensive. You need to choose an upscale place to show your are generous. No one wants to date a single man who is stingy. Besides, flowers, FERRERO ROCHER chocolate, wine, gorgeous clothes all need too much money. The minimum cost of a decent first date is at least $35. According to the survey, some guys send thousands of messages a day to attractive women, and then pick up the news from those women who are interested in dating. And some single women received nearly 200 e-mails from different single men. What if he goes out with all the women he interested in a week? He will costs lots of many on the woman he date. He spends $4200 a week! That's $16800 a month, or $201600 a year. If he gets to know all the women who focus on his money, he will declare bankruptcy soon.

4. Online dating can give you sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Dating online will encounter a great many of amusing and charming people. Unfortunately, when two people are interested in each other going on a engagement, it always leads to sex. Many rich single men unable to control his sexual reaction when an attractive woman run into him, especially the single woman who is hot and charming enough. Although sex is the result of mutual attraction between two people, online dating can open the door to sexual intercourse, which is a serious problem. Because after you have sex with her, you do not know if she has a sexual disease, whether his sexual disease will not spread to you, or to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases may be cured. While this kind of sex should be very exciting, most people are desirous to meet.

5. online dating can let your ass kick. When we dating online, various of people invariably run into our lives, what we do is comparing the fresh dates with the old ones. If someone special inadvertently intruded into our sight, we will make up our mind whether we like him or not. In short, we upgrade our requirements and ideas to look for the right person unceasingly. But there is no result. So we continue to kick the wrong one which is considered by ourselves

In a word, online dating may be a dangerous, but it will brings your a lots of attractive women and passion. This article is just write for fun. Accommodate, experiment and exploition will help you benefits from these online dating sites.



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Just looking for fun. I am online dating a single woman. Anyone interested in me can contact with me.

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